Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Habit of Walking

I've been a walker most of my life.
I come from a family who thinks nothing 
of crossing the city I grew up in on foot
...and most members still do. 
Because of this, I have been able to observe life 
at a pace that cars 
just won't allow. 
I still love walking today. 
This becomes a particularly amazing practice 
during Autumn
in Upstate New York.
It is a feast for the senses: 
colors for the eyes, 
the scent of newly fallen leaves for the nose, 
the call of flocks migrating  
and rushing waters for the ears, 
the feel of crisp dried leaves 
in your hands
under your feet, 
and the taste of region's many apple varieties
...awakens the senses to see the goodness of God everywhere.
Wherever you live, take time to enjoy
life at a walker's pace today!
You're senses will be glad you did!

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