Friday, July 31, 2015

The Habit of Thankfulness: A Few of My Favorite Things

July 31st- A few of my favorite things...
~Watching the littlest girlie try to pop the bubbles as the flow past on the Raquette River
~The fun of science meets marshmallows...marshmallow catapults
~Watching the blue moon rise...which you can only see once in...well...a blue moon

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Winslow's Second Camping Adventure: Day 13

Winslow was a little nervous today...
...the day started off with gray and foreboding skies.

Then it started to sprinkle.
Winslow was glad he found an umbrella nearby!

But eve with the grays...the view was pretty.

Shaniah even made him a little castle on the shores of
Adirondack Lake
just in case he couldn't make it to the beach later.

Having a beach house on another lake 
was a pleasant change of pace for Winslow...

Until he remembered what happened to the 
built on the sand when the storm came, so...

....Winslow went to higher ground...indoors..
At the Indian Lake Theater.

Winslow got to see


It was an exciting play put on by the Adirondack Shakespeare Company!
It was lots of fun with great acting and puppets.

Winslow was even able to get his picture with one of the stars of the play:
Mr Beaver!

Winslow gave him a kiss forr all his hard work.

Then they invited the kids to make bracelets.

Winslow wanted to make one too.

Then he remembered he doesn't have any hands 
and let Lissie have his.

By the afternoon, the sky cleared off to a beautiful blue.

So it was off to causeway on Abanakee to do some fishing!

Blue really is becoming on the skies here!

The sunlight shimmering on the waters made a perfect evening sight.

And the blue skies made the lake even bluer

Winslow was amazed at the lengths photographers will go to their photos

But this Osprey was worth it!

The he flew from one nesting platform to the other...

...soaring gracefully...

...and landing

...with amazing precision!'

Then Winslow looked down and saw giants!

Winslow likes the late evening light... makes him look taller!

Then he watched the girlies happily fishing!

He decided not to contemplate if there were any furby eating fish in the lake.

And while the girilies were getting worms nibbled off their hooks...
...they weren't catching any fish.

And while the fish seem to like this selection,
Winslow was glad he was not expected to like it.

Thea was trying to convince Winslow on the merits of eating fake bait.

Winslow hid.

Undaunted Thea offered him a greater selection

He pretended not to see or be seen.

Winslow was about to be fed one worm when suddenly...

...a masked super-hero came to his rescue.

Who was that masked & casted super-hero anyways?

Winslow thanks her from the bottom of his heart!

The Habit of Thankfulness: A Few of My Favorite Things

July 30th- A few of my favorite things...
~Listening to an osprey call to its young
~Watching an osprey fly to its nest
~Raptors that land with precision grace

Winslow's Second Camping Adventure: Day 12

Winslow started off his his morning doing a little bit of tent camping with the girlies
but then the bugs decided to join then as well
and it got too hot....

So there was only one thing to do...
go off to the beach!

Winslow likes colorful beach umbrellas.
They look like on jewels the beach.

Winslow was impressed at how Gwyn figured out how to swing one handed...
....and how Thea figured out to swing no-handed

But it was so hot...
Winslow felt like he was frying on the beach!

So he found some shade and buried his feet in the cool sand.

But the nice part of the Indian Lake Library 
is that it is air conditioned!

Winslow and the girls learned about super-hero plants
and made a super-plant mask.

Since the mask was too big for a little furby,
Winslow had to improvise.

Winslow liked his hippy look!

Then he tries his hand a playing "Princess and the Pea"
with the story time cushions,

...Tried his hand at driving a logging truck, 

and chatted with a few locals from the Lego Club.

Darth Vader 007 looked stylin' in his tux.

Good cop liked his force-issued umbrella golf cart...

...for when people get tee-off at each other.

And this guy was ready for 4-wheelin' through the woods.

Which reminded Winslow it was time to end the day outside.

The pale colors in the sunset on the still Lake Abanakee were beautiful.

And Winslow finally figured out the age old question:

Why did the goose cross the road?

To walk back to the other side...

Silly Goose!!

But the view on the other side of the road 
was just as lovely.

Winslow liked the Patriotic Chairs.

And the moonrise was worth the wait.

Winslow liked the way the moon looked 
as if it had broken into hundreds of glittery pieces
in the water.

As much as Winslow hated to leave this pretty sight...

Stewart's Ice Cream made up for it!

Death by Chocolate:
What a way to go!

Then it was time to commune with the stars...

Winslow thinks that everyone should 
take time to go out and view 
the moon and stars every time they are out,

For the heavens do declare the glory of the Creator!