Sunday, July 19, 2015

Winslow's Second Camping Adventure: Day 1

Winslow was so excited about getting to go camping again this year...
he was all smiles!

Winslow loves to watch the sky and the trees...

And the occasional cool car from the Syracuse Nationals Show
pass by.

Winslow also like spotting the license plates 
from different states along the Thru-Way

But once he leaves I-90 behind,
Winslow likes to look at the farms...

be they dairy...

or  windmill along the way.

As he gets closer he knows to look for
Pig Rock just outside Speculator on Rt 30.

Makes him wonder just how much bacon is being hidden in that hillside ;-)

Then he sees Snowy Mountain come into view....

And once he sees Indian Lake he knows that
vacation has officially begun!

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