Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Winslow's Second Camping Adventure: Day 3

Well Winslow's 3rd day started off a bit different from planned...
Lissie cut open her big toe while walking barefoot.
But Winslow accompanied Lissie the Brave to get her foot patched up 
so we could go on with our adventure.

So then we were off to the town hall to get a fishing license...
Everything is prettier in the Adirondacks...

...including the licenses!
(The old one was plain yellow).
Then Winslow went fishing with the girls.

Even Winslow had a pole!

The fish weren't biting, but Winslow didn't mind 
as most fish are MUCH bigger than him.

So he decided to see how Chris and the girlies were fairing.

And don't let that casted arm fool you, 
that one-armed fisher -girl
Gwyn was the only who caught
a fish... 
albeit a tiny one....

Winslow like her catch because it was just his size 

But the views at Adirondack Lake  always make up for the lack of fish.

Then after a little chalk art, it was time to put that firewood to use!

Winslow had his own seat to stay out of the way while the fire got going.

The he sat with Lamby and was joined by Lissie

And then once all the girles went to bed,
Winslow enjoyed some quiet time by the fire listening to it crackle.

And in the distance, 
loons were calling to each other on a distant lake...

The campfire was the perfect way to end a day that had

started off on the wrong foot ;-)

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