Thursday, July 31, 2014

Winslow's First Camping Adventure: Day 12

As another day dawned in the Adirondacks, 
Winslow sipped a cup of coffee with Chris, 
watching the sunrise (he was sure it was behind the clouds somewhere)
and he wondered what Adventures awaited him today!
After breakfast he played hopscotch with the girlies by the cabin.
It was fun, but difficult if you can't stand on only one leg.
The girlies graciously let him use two.

Then it was off on an adventure with Heidi and Moriah. 
After the van was parked, 
Winslow and the girls set off down an old logging trail to the base of... 
...Watch Hill.  This Trail is unique in that there are 3 trails to the top, a horse trail from the road, a foot trail from the road and a foot trail from Indian Lake all reach the summit! 
Having no horses in sight, Winslow rode in his backpack saddle instead.
A comfy and furby-safe way to reach the top! 
He tried walking for a while, 
but even the littlest of steams was kind of hard to jump across, 
so back in the saddle he went.
Once he got to the top, the views were worth it!

There's not a bad view to be had, Winslow thought. 
The mountains are always breathtaking... 
and the clouds rolling around them
 with shadows and sunlight made them even more majestic! 
A furby seems so small when you start looking around.
There is just something about mountains that puts anyone's size into perspective 
Then, it was back down the hill and to Stewarts for root beer floats!
Winslow agrees with Moriah-- root beer floats with Stewarts Root Beer are worth waiting all year for!
Then after supper Elaine and Moriah went to Shakespeare in the Park 
at Byron Park in Indian Lake. 
Winslow was excited as he has never seen Shakespeare before.
It was As You Like It!
...And Winslow loved it! 
Winslow decided to get some selfies with the props and crew!
He especially like the pink flamingo "trees" as colorful as he is.
...he was honored to get a picture with the lovely Rosalind :-)
He can see why Orlando loved her.
Then he found out that this troupe is from Winslow's home town theater, 
What a great way to end the evening with a touch of home!

Winslow's First Camping Adventure: Day 11

Winlsow decided to make another 
yummy morning creation today...emphasis on creation...
Then he needed a real cup of coffee, to await the arrival of a friend....
....then the call came that she had a flat tire...
So off to the cape required ;-)
Winlsow is thankful that Heidi was able to 
stop safely on a tire that looked looked like this:
Once the spare was put on (after much delay)... 
...Winslow felt that Heidi needed to relax at the beach!
Winslow decided to bury this feet in the sand...
That took about 2 seconds....but at least his feet were warm.
It was COLD on the beach!
Then he went on Lissie's favorite...the swings.
Winslow's says its hard to swing 
without arms to hold on and legs to pump... day he'll figure it out...might require duct tape though....
Then after supper, The Indian Lake Library had a Magic Show as part of their summer reading program.
Jim Snack the great magician wowed the kids (and adults too, including Heidi!) 
He showed how some tricks are just slight of hand and misdirection. 
Winslow was so sure he had something up his sleeve...
Then Jim asked for a brave volunteer...
...his first volunteer bowed out when he saw this was a sword trick.
This brave lad volunteered...
and survived!...
Winslow is glad of this ;-) 
Then he went to pull a rabbit out of his hat... 
And out came Winslow!
Thanks so much Jim Snack 
and the Indian Lake Public Library for such a fun evening!
Winslow Selfie= Welfie!
For his last trick of the night, 
Winslow deciede to make a s'more disappear... 
And like any good magician, he's not revealing how :-)

Winslow's First Camping Adventure: Day 10

Winslow knew the day was getting off to a good start 
when Chris made him another cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream...whipped cream makes the worls better, Winslow is sure of this....
Then it was off for a morning adventure to... the Indian Lake Theater. 
Every two weeks they have a free flick for the kids...

...with free popcorn!... 
...Bigger than Winslow...
Winslow thinks the aisle seats are best when you are a little furby.
Afterwards, he got his picture taken with Cary Grant...
...he looks rather surprised to be hugged by such a great star (Winslow that is ;-) )
Then after lunch it was off on another adventure.
...Winslow's too little to drive...he's pretty sure that will always be true... 
Winslow loves looking at the mountains along the way. 
Then we stopped at the Newcomb Town Park. 
Here you can see at least 24 of the Adirondack High Peaks! 
Winslow found a USGS survey marker. 
Winslow climbed Santatnoni, furby style ;-) 
You can see the real mountain just behind him.
This outline helps you find the high peaks on the horizon.
Then it was off to the Newcomb AIC.
We hiked down to Rich Lake... 
...crossed 4 bridges... 
...found another little cave... 
and saved a squirrel from a martin...
.....Did Winslow mention he likes the hands-on displays for kids here?
Then it was off to Buttermilk Falls by Long Lake 
to see the falls after yesterday's long rain.
It was amazing! 
The only way the day could end any better, Winslow decided, 
was to watch the sunset with a friend...
...his wish came true :-D