Sunday, July 19, 2015

Winslow's Second Camping Adventure: Day 2

Winslow started the day by supervising the girlies tidying up....

...then on to helping the girlies on their mushroom hunt...
...not far into the journey they found this one...

(Winslow liked finding someone smaller than him)

...ansd they found some turkey tail mushroom on an old stump.

This reminded Winslow about one of his favorite activities.
So he hopped in the car...

...and got this years DEC Jr Naturalist book to fill out 
and earn a patch while camping.

The hot temperatures also reminded Winslow that we needed 
to get some firewood.

So after paying for our wood...

Winslow tried to decide which squares of wood to supervise loading into the car.

Winslow even tried to play "Where's Winslow".

After much thought, he picked out three squares and we were on our way...
once we did all the loading work.

It was too hot for a campfire tonight,
 so Winslow and the gang headed over to the headwaters of the Hudson River
by Lake Abanakee.

Winslow had a Titanic moment.

Then he explored the shoreline with the girlies.

The water was so still there in the whirlpool area where white water rafters put in, 
that he began seeing double.

But then he thought his stunt double in the water looked pretty goofy.

Thea was so excited that Winslow found another mushroom.

Winslow also like watching the swirly patterns on the water's surface.

With all of the recent rain, mushrooms were everywhere...
...they found one...

after another to complete their mushroom hunting for the day.

It's hard to believe that the Hudson River starts off so small.

Once we left...Winslow noticed LOTS of turkey vultures...

...just hanging out by the transfer station.

He started his day off with turkey tail mushrooms 
ended it with turkey vultures... he's hungry for just plain turkey :-)

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