Monday, November 3, 2014

The Habit of a Thankfulness: A Few of My Favorite Things

Nov 3rd- A few of my favorite things...
~Little eyes that are always watching...finding the remains of a chrysalis on a lamppost
~The gentleman who share some of his bird bread so the girlies could feed the pigeons while waiting...and pick out their favorite ones
~Taking the girlies plus a few friends to see the tree go up in Clinton Square...Winslow approves 

Little eyes are just the right height and speed to see things.

Feeding the birds

All the different pigeon patterns!

Watching the man with the chainsaws get the tree ready

Hoisting it up into place

Winslow thinks this is the greatest spinning Christmas Tree ever!

Winslow, the Furby on the Curby, approves of this tree!

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