Saturday, August 16, 2014

In Which Winslow Goes to Seneca Falls....

Winslow had never been to Seneca Falls, NY before.
One of the first things he discovered just outside of town was fantastic playground.
Deciding what to do first was hard...
....he was stumped...literally! 
Winslow thought this stump was cool so he decided to explore it
It had interesting rocks and lichen to look at.
Then he saw this cool hole to explore like Alice in Wonderland! 
But he couldn't fit through... he climbed down the side instead and found this great furby-sized
cave of sorts. 
Thea helped him arrange the gravel inside to make it more homey. 
Then he was off to explore the rest of the playground.
He found a furby seat on the boat and set sail... 
...with Gwynnie at the helm. 
And Winslow thinks its especially nice to go to the park with friends...
...because when you are down, a friend is always there to lift you up...
...especially on the see-saw! 
Then he went for a plane ride with Thea...
...and with no arms, he let fly this two-seater!
And like Winslow, the girlies found that sometimes 
the greatest things to play on the playground aren't the regular slides and swings.. 
but the rock border to jump from rock... rock.
Then he went to the canal park in town for lunch.
There he found the community garden to explore. 
Winslow like seeing what other people choose to plant...
...and flowers!
He liked watching the canal traffic go through on the Barge Canal. 
There were even boats docked on the other side! 
It was fun to see one of the Canal Authority's work tugs go through.
And the real treat was watching the workers up on the roof of the old woollen factory
restoring the building to be used as the new headquarters for the Women's Hall of Fame. 
Winslow is glad to old buildings be restored and loved.
Originally this factory made sock for everyone 
including NASA and NBA. 
Winslow thinks that after 170 years this building deserves to be of use once more!
Then Winslow and the girls went to the other side of the canal 
to check out the boats docked there.
He found he liked watching the boat traffic... much as the 
duck traffic along the canal. 
Winslow thinks a just relaxing along the canal in Seneca Falls
is a great way to spend the day.

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