Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Habit of Smiling

just saying the word is almost spurs a reflexive action
 causing most if not all to smile back.
It is a universal sign of happiness.
Birthday parties, graduations,
 weddings, and births 
are just some of the many reasons that cause us to smile.
One of the first milestones after birth is
"When will s/he first smile?"
It seems to make the little one
real, interactive.
Not just taking...
...but it is the first gift they give back. 
Smiles interact with others on so many levels.
My youngest seems to have the gift of smiling.
Shortly after birth, she gave her first smile.
The nurses could hardly believe it.
They smiled back at her and
she returned the greeting, again.
Maybe it it because her first name means
"Gift of God"
and she literally has "Joy" in the middle.
Like a blessing of old,
her name is a reflection of her being.
She looks for people to smile at... share her gift with.
Her smile has brought sunshine into more souls
than even her little heart can understand.
All she knows is that smiling
 brings smiles to others
in her world.
It lifts them up.
It tells another they are important to notice.
It's like giving a reflection of God
and his goodness,
a reminder
that God is good
and I see His image
And because He is Good,
we can smile
and carry on.
Keep sharing your gift little one,
this world needs it!
And if she happens to share it with you,
remember to pass it on.
It might make someone's day :-)
Happy 2nd Birthday,
My Smiley One!

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